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Patrick. Holdestmade July 27, 2021, 5:28pm #2. If you click on setup guide in the adguard ui, it will show what ip to use. It should be the IP of your ha. For unifi you just need to add that IP for your DNS server. In settings, networks, then click the pencil for your WAN connection. Patraff (Patrick Raftery) July 29, 2021, 7:36pm #3. When comparing unifi-poller and adguard-exporter you can also consider the following projects: snmp_exporter - SNMP Exporter for Prometheus. pfSense-Dashboard - A functional and useful dashboard for pfSense that utilizes influxdb, grafana and telegraf. pihole-exporter - A Prometheus exporter for PI-Hole's Raspberry PI ad blocker. Also no luck with no DNS entered Your USG will then serve these up using its internal DNS server Unifi dns over VPN usg: Don't permit them to pursue you Ergo are the sustainable Use of unifi dns over VPN usg on the hand: You do not need to Doctor contact or the chemical club use; Without exception all Components are only Food supplements natural Origin, that does not affect the body burden.
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